Seven Twenty Seven
The place where you reach your zenith.
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New Here? Come join us!

Seven Twenty Seven is an osu! server built on gulag with many unique features and very friendly community. We're trying our best to develop and mantain this server.
Also, we're fully open source, here's our Github page

Here are some of our coolest features:

PP For relax and autopilot

Our server has unique pp formula for relax and autopilot. Good at waving your cursor or just smashing your keyboard? Join seventwentyseven and get a fair reward for your skills!

Custom Rankeds

We have lots of custom ranked and loved maps. Additionally, our BN's are active so there's a good chance the map you like could be ranked, especially since we don't have strict ranking criteria!

Discord BOT

Our server has a self-made and advanced discord bot. Without going to the site you can check your profile scores and much more!

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