Seven Twenty Seven Rules

Last Updated: 13.03.2021


Seven Twenty Seven like every other website and game server has rules,

Not knowing the rules doesn't excuse you from following them, just because you don't read it doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.

1. Cheating

Seven Twenty Seven is not, never has been and never will be a cheat server.
Using software or exploits that give you an advantage over others will be severely punished. Just don't cheat in circle game man.

2. Multi Accounting

Like on official servers, multi accounting isn't allowed and will be punished. One account per person.

3. Acts against the server

Abusing server bugs that can potentially break it, cause downtime or financial costs will be punished with permanent ban without possibility to appeal.
We won't tolerate this here.

4. Advertising

Advertising other private servers on Seven Twenty Seven is not allowed.

5. Impersonantions and nicknames

5.1 Impersonating other users especially celebrities will result in name change. If you continue after warning and change of your name to not allowed name or one that's impersonating another user, your supporter privileges will be revoked without refund.

5.2 Using nicknames that are inappropriate or ones that are containing characters that cannot be written normally will be punished accordingly.

6. Chat rules

  • Don't spam
  • Keep swearing to minimum
  • No NSFW content
  • Sending malicious links is prohibited and will result in a permanent mute
  • Doxxing people is strongly prohibited (And also punished with permanent mute)

7. Account sharing.

Account that you created is yours and only yours, sharing it is prohibited and will result with restriction on both.

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